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By Pat & Chris Salmon
Originally Published July 1, 2004
Sunset over the PeakRapplinks, started by John Moyles & Chip Warren in 1998, began as a free site for businesses to post their web sites and advertise. John and Chip involved us over a sandwich at Laurel Mills Store. A few months later Sharon Kilpatrick talked to John about a Virtual Newspaper that would post timely and accurate accounts of the County news and a place for a complete list of upcoming events in the County, a Community Calendar. 20,000 lines of code later, John built Rapplinks, The Newspaper, and we came on line Valentine Day 1999.

In 5 and ½ years visitors have read 888,000 pages of articles. In the past 12 months 90,000 readers have come to Rapplinks for information. 15,000 of those 90,000 are new users.

Rapplinks is Sharon Kilpatrick, David Yowell, John Moyles and Pat, Tim & Chris Salmon plus lots of selfless reporters and contributors.

Sharon, schoolteacher, editor, mother and editor a 2d time has been an inspiration to all of us. Her determination and talent for the truth and accurate coverage can be summed up by a comment by the late Werner Krebser, “Ever since Sharon left the paper, I’ve been afraid to open my mouth at public meetings! Sharon knows what and more importantly, why something was said. We are really looking forward to Rapplinks”

John Moyles, we have been running a Virtual Newspaper completely from home. All articles, pictures, everything is posted remotely on-line using his software. (Software that even I can’t mess up!) Type up the article, post it, and it’s on Rapplinks, all laid out properly and the pictures in the right place. In 5 and ½ years it’s all run perfectly. Our hats off, John !

David Yowell, school bus driver, teacher, expert weatherman, computer guru, web designer & NASCAR nut has posted the weather and “Notes From the Hollow” every day without fail. His weather page is the one of the most popular features of Rapplinks. Visitors usually check his weather page at 6:00 am, before leaving for work.

Our thanks to Chameleon Creative who gave the site a cool Art Deco face lift several years ago.

Then, all of our wonderful contributing writers, Rose Ann Sharp and her magical photo coverage of wrestling, not to mention the top story about the State Champs, Anne Richards, Cecelia Dennis, Richard Armstrong, Kevin Reid, Mark Ramey, Allen Comer, Lanise Waites, David Naser, Ron Vickers, Cindy Thornhill, Hans Gerhard, Patti Waddell, Jim Oyster, Tatiana E. Siccardi, Colin Treanor, Jim Wells, and all of the parents, students, and community members who helped with the brilliant coverage of events.

A heartfelt thanks to our advertisers who have stood by us all the time. Without our advertisers it simply wouldn’t have been possible to pay the bills.

Rick Kohler, Real Estate III who has been with us from the start.

Wendy Weinberg at the Theatre who was first to advertise

Robert Ballard a generous supporter for years.

Maggie Rogers and Central Coffee who should really be doing computer art her ads are so enchanting.

Jean Lillard at Roy Wheeler Realty

The folks at Farfelu Vineyards

Farm Credit in Warrenton, Ron Neathers, Kim Love and Susan Heyl

Arthur & Peggy Smith at Sperryville Antiques

Alex Henze of Rappahannock Furniture Restoration

Mike Leake and The Rappahannock National Bank

Butch Zindel, Rappahannock Real Estate Resources

Bob Chappell and his wonderful support

Sam Snead and Sam Snead Realty’s constant support.

Rita Lazar, Kevin Nealon, Sherry Snyder and Donald Chandler, thanks.

Finally, you, dear reader. We are indebted to you for your interest, participation and support over the years that has been truly magnificent, thank you.


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